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Pricing and Payment Options

Basic Forms

Basic Return Package includes: Federal 1040, W-2s,
Live Customer Support & Audit Protection
State Return (each) Add $34.95

Personal Forms

Interest and Dividends (Schedule B) Add $9.95
Itemized Deductions (Schedule A) Add $19.95
Earned Income Credit (Schedule EIC) Add $24.95
Child Care Credit (2441) Add $9.95
Education Tax Credit (8863)(8917) Add $9.95
Child Tax Credit FREE
Additional Child Tax Credit Add $9.95
Other Income and Adjustments Add $19.95
Casualties and Theft (4684) Add $9.95
Non-Cash Charitable Contributions (8283) Add $9.95
Moving Expenses (3903) Add $9.95
Unreimbursed Employee Expenses (part of Sch. A) FREE
Sale of Home Add $9.95
Extension Add $9.95
Other forms not listed Add $9.95

Business and Investment Forms

Business Owner (Schedule C) Add $24.95
Sale of Stocks and Bonds (Schedule D) Add $24.95
Rental Property (Schedule E) Add $24.95
Employee Business Expenses (2106) Add $9.95
Depreciation and Amortiziation (4562) Add $9.95
Investment Interest Expenses (4952) Add $9.95
Business Use of Home (office) Add $9.95
Sale of Business Property (4797) Add $9.95
Self Employment Tax (Schedule SE) Add $24.95
K-1 Add $19.95

Additional Services

Software Integration Fee Add $30.00
Transmitter Fee Add $27.00
Software Technology Fee Add $8.95
RT Fee Add $34.95
Amended Income Tax Return Fee $25/Fed.
$25/additional form


Postage by US Mail - First Class FREE
USPS Overnight Delivery Add $50.00
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This is an itemized list of fees, it is based on a specific form or schedule. Not all the forms apply to you. Once you calculate your tax return, we will provide you with the exact fee based on the forms you selected.
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